A Satellite Phone 

Ordinary phones work fairly well in the limited coverage area of their providers, but you're always locked into expensive, confusing contracts and you learn to tolerate dropped calls due to the rudimentary technology currently employed by the inhabitants of your world. rPhone is lightyears ahead of all that.

Blows Away The Competition (and some brands of pacemakers)

Why be limited to line-of-sight communications between haphazardly placed cellphone towers when Low Earth Orbit is only 124 miles away? rPhone could use next-generation portable microwave technology to beam signals directly to a network of satellites circling the planet, but that's too much work. Instead, rPhone jumps ahead of the competition with next-next-generation Killerwave™ technology which bounces its signal directly off of anything in the vicinity, essentially turning your surroundings into the highest quality digital repeater imaginable. Cars, boats, neighbors, your pets and children all work equally well to boost your signal into the stratosphere.

You know what that means... no more dropped calls. Evarrrrrrrrr.