A Pretty Musicbox 

rPhone uses the most modern super-miniature, high-quality interchangeable pinned cylinders available on the market today, providing its user with a range of music so diverse many good Ladies and Gentlemen have been taken fairly faint with astonishment. Finely tuned by the craftsmen of Mermod Fre'res in St Crox, rPhone's orchestrion employs only the finest brass cylinders and tuned steel combs money can buy. Powered by a sprightly Halifax 4000 MicroSteam engine, you're sure to enjoy play after play of music from your rPhone.

Expanding Your Horizons

With a library of over 12 tunes (and growing!), the rPhone will provide many minutes of great, hearty music like "Drunken Sailor", "Leave Her Johnny", "Old Dun Cow" and "Space Cowboy". Just tip open the half-round brass coverlet on the face of rPhone, insert a music cylinder of your choice down into the orchestrion mechanism, making sure to align the tines of the steel tuning comb with the width of the cylinder. Take care not to burn your fingers on the steam-heated mechanism inside the open music player and you'll soon be tapping your feet to the likes of Bach, Beethoven and Axl Rose (Cylinder 11: "November Rain (reprise)"). It's as easy as all that!!

Be a Rock-Star!

rPhone's large, centrally-mounted microphone serves double-duty as a speaker for those times when you want to share your music. When used in combination with the optional handset receiver rPhone works as a portable Karaoke machine, amplifying your voice 8 times its original volume. Hey baby, we'll be back to pick you up later!